Digital Permaculture Resources

This directory is a living document, containing links to online resources for learning and practicing permaculture. It is not exhaustive, but contains a lot of good material. If you would like to add, modify, or remove something from this page, please specify the requested changes using our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Helpful Documents

Brush Turkey/Megapode nests (800kb PDF). See also.

Taken from:

  • Tree Species – Informative page from the U.S. Government providing a map of location of trees by areas.
  • Tree Identification Guide – Helpful web site which lists various tree types by location.
  • Tree Identification – Useful page which lists various types of trees with information on each variety.
  • Tree Species Index – Information on different species of trees that are commonly found.
  • List of North American Trees – Alphabetical listing of the trees that are found in North America with information and photos of each type.
  • A Guide to Trees of the United States – The most common types of trees found in the United States, grouped by 2 main categories: coniferous and deciduous.
  • Fruit Trees – Information on different kinds of trees that have fruit growing on them.
  • Popular Fruit Bearing Trees – Article which lists nine of the most popular fruit bearing trees.
  • Fruit Bearing Tree List – Listing of many of the most common fruit bearing trees.
  • Fruit Tree List – Information on the different types of fruit trees separated by type.
  • What are Coniferous Trees? – Informative page which provides information on what are conifers.
  • Conifer Trees – Basic information along with photos of the different types of coniferous trees.
  • Coniferous Trees – Helpful web page which gives an overview of the types of trees.
  • Conifers – Overview of the types of conifers that are in the forest.
  • Introduction to Hardwood Trees – Information on different types of hardwood trees that are generally found in the northeast United States.
  • What are Hardwood Trees?? – Basic information on hardwood trees with an overview of the types of trees.
  • Hardwoods – Informative web page which provides an overview on the types of trees known to be hardwoods.
  • Hardwood Species – A useful guide providing information on various types of American hardwood trees.
  • Trees and our Climate – A look at how weather and trees affect our climate in three ways.
  • Hardiness Zone – Helpful page which shows the hardiness of the trees of the United States by climate and location.
  • Climate Change Atlas – Informative page from the USDA Forest Service which shows the species in the eastern United States.
  • Climate Changes and Trees – Useful page which shows how tree rings can show the shift in climate changes.
  • Tree Identification – Web page which lists the basics of how to identify a tree.
  • Tree Identification Information – Helpful page providing information about trees and how they can be identified.
  • Tree Identification Guide – Useful guide from the Arbor Day Foundation with information on identifying trees.
  • What Tree is it? – Fun page which provides information on how to identify a tree by leaf and other methods.
  • Tree Identification Guide – Information on different types of trees and how to identify them.
  • Tree Information Center – Web page which provides information on trees and tree problems.
  • Trees – Information and resources on tree related topics and issues.
  • Tree Resources – Resourceful page providing information on a number of tree topics.
  • Tree Resource Guide – Helpful site containing a number of useful links about trees.
  • Tree Resources – Web page containing national resources about trees and related topics.