North American Permaculture Directory

This directory was created in January 2014 and the information is sourced from all over the net. We do our best to keep it accurate, but it is not necessarily up-to-date. If you would like to add, modify, or remove somethingfrom this page, please specify the requested changes using our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Gaia University
Indigenous Permaculture Program
MesoAmerican Permaculture Institute
Permaculture Activist Magazine
Permaculture Canada
Permaculture Credit Union
Permaculture ibiblio
Permaculture Institute, USA
Permaculture Institute of North America
Permaculture Research Institute, USA
Permaculture Research Institute, USA, Cold Climate
Arizona Permaculture Convergence
Baja California Permaculture Convergence
Bay Area Regional Annual Permaculture Convergence
Colorado Permaculture Convergence
Eastern Ontario Permaculture Convergence
Florida Permaculture Convergence
Midwest Permaculture Convergence
Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence
Local Food Enterprise (LiFE) Summit
Michigan Permaculture Convergence
New Hampshire Permaculture Gathering
North American Permaculture Convergence
Northeast Permaculture Convergence
Northeastern Women in Permaculture Gathering
Northern California Permaculture Convergence
Northwest Permaculture Convergence
Quebec Permaculture Convergence
San Diego Permaculture Convergence
Southeast Permaculture ConvergenceSoutheast Portland Permaculture Convergence
Southern California Permaculture Convergence
South West Permaculture Convergence
Village Building Convergence
West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gathering
Western Canada Permaculture Convergence
Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence
Asheville Permaculture Guild
Austin Permaculture Guild
Arizona Permaculture Network
Ark Valley Permaculture
Bay Area California Permaculture
Bloomington (Indiana) Permaculture Guild
Blue Ridge Permaculture Network
Boise Permaculture Guild
Central Coast California Permaculture Guild
Colorado Permaculture Guild
Columbia Basin Permaculture Guild
East Bay Permaculture
Eugene Permaculture Guild
Fingerlakes N.Y. Permaculture Network
Florida Permaculture Association
Great Lakes Permaculture Network
Great Lakes Permaculture Portal
Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild
Lakeshore Permaculture Guild
Los Angeles Permaculture Guild
Madison Area Permaculture Guild
Marin Permaculture Guild
Michigan Permaculture Community
Montreal Permaculture Guild
North Fork Valley Permaculture
Northeastern Washington Permaculture Guild
Northeastern Permaculture Network
Northern Alberta Permaculture Institute
Northern Michigan Regional Permaculture
Okanogan Permaculture Club
Permaculture Community Action Worknet
Permaculture Drylands Institute
Permaculture Hudson Valley
Permaculture group for Southern Oregon / Northern California
Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario
Permaculture Institute of the Northeast
Permaculture OttawaPhoenix Permaculture Guild
Pike’s Peak Permaculture
Pittsburgh Permaculture
San Diego Permaculture Guild
Seattle Permaculture Guild
Siskiyou Permaculture Resources Group
South Coast Permaculture Guild
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
Santa Cruz Permaculture Guild
Sierra Permaculture
South Coast Permaculture Guild
Southern California Permaculture Guild
Sonoma County Permaculture
Sonoran Permaculture
Spokane Permaculture Guild
Stevens County Permaculture Guild
Susquehana Permaculture
The Permaculture Guild of Houston
The St. Petersburg (Florida) Permaculture Guild
Urban Permaculture Guild
Urban Permaculture Guild, Oakland
Urban Permaculture Institute of the Southeast
Vancouver BC Permaculture Network
Abundance PermacultureAnanda Permaculture Project
Arcadia Commons
Badgersett Research Farm
Barking Frogs Permaculture Center
Barrett Ecological Services
Blue Heron Nursery
Big Sky Permaculture
Broken Ground Permaculture
Bullock Brothers Homestead
Camden Center for Environmental Transformation
Cascadia Permaculture Institute,
Cedar Creek Permaculture (Hastings, MI)
Center for Bioregional Living
Center for Deep Ecology
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
Chatham-Kent Permaculture
Chelsea Green Publishing
Cincinnati Permaculture Guild
City of Angels Permaculture Academy
Cloudview EcoFarms
Cob Cottage Co.
Dancing Green
Divine Earth Garden Project
Dreamtime Village, (WI)
Druid’s Grove Permaculture
Dynamics Ecological Design
Earth Learning
Earth Magic Permaculture
EarthFlow Design Works,
EcoEdge Design Ltd.
Ecological Gardens
Ecology Retreat Center
Edible Organic Design
Elfin Permaculture
Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage
Everdale Learning Centre
Falls Brook Centre
Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute
Forest Agriculture Enterprises
Friends of the Trees Society
Gentle Harvest
Global Permaculture Design Group
Green Mountain PermacultureGrow Permaculture
Harmony Park
Healing Tree Farm
Heathcote Community
Herbn’ Wisdom
High Altitude Permaculture
Holistic Solutions
Holzer AgroEcology
Inside Edge Design
Island Mountain Institute
Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design
Kamiah Permaculture
Keyline Vermont
Kinstone Academy (Fountain City, WI)
Kootenay Permaculture Institute, BC
La Loma Development Company.
Liberation Permaculture
Linnaea Farm
Little Artshram
Living Mandala
Lost Valley Intentional Community & Educational Center
Midwest Permaculture
Mindful Generations
Mobile Design Lab
Moonwise Herbs
Moose Pond Arts
Mother Earth School
New Forest Farm
New York Permaculture Exchange
Oasis Design
Organic Growers School (Asheville, NC)
Oakhaven: A Permaculture Center
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
OM Valley Permaculture Design/Consultation
Real Earth
Pacific Permaculture
Palouse Permaculture
Patricia Michael Design
Pattern Literacy
Peak Moment Television
Perennial Solutions
Permaculture Design & Implementation
Permaculture Now
Permaculture Project GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Permaculture Project LLC
Permaculture TVPermaculture Voices
Prospect Rock Permaculture
Punk Rock Permaculture
Quail Springs Learning Oasis & Permaculture Farm
Radix Center
Rain Water Harvesting
Real Eyes Permaculture Homestead
Regenerative Design Group
Regenerative Design Institute
Resilience Hub
Resilience Planning
Sacred Permaculture
Salamander Springs Farm
Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery
School of Permaculture
Urban Permaculture Design
Seventh Generation
Siskiyou Permaculture LLC
Soul Springs Permaculture
Spiral Gardens
Spiral Ridge Permaculture
Sustainable Living Network
Sustainable Living Systems
Terra Phoenix Design
The Farm Ecovillage Training Center
The Garden Muse
The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann
The Rhizome Collective
Three Sisters Farm
TreeYo Permaculture
UMass Permaculture Garden
Verge Permaculture Inc.
Victory Garden Initiative
Whole Systems Design
Wildcraft Permaculture
Wild Thyme Farm
Willow Way Permaculture
Yankee Permaculture

Appalachian Sustainable Ag. Project (Asheville)
Athens Locally Grown
Austin Urban Farming
Grow the Planet (Global)
Brick City Urban Farms (Newark)
City Farm Boy (Vancouver)
City Fresh (Cleveland)
Coalition of Immokalee Workers (FL)
Tucson Community Food Bank
Crop Mob (all over)
C’Ville Foodscapes (Charlottesville, VA)
Damayan Garden Project (Tallahassee)
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Denver Urban Gardens
Family Farm Defenders (nation-wide)
Farmer D Organics (Atlanta)
Food Corp (nation-wide)
Foodscapes (Huntsville, AL)
Forsyth Farmers’ Market (Savannah)
Fresh Stop (Louisville)
FSU Alley Sprouts (Tallahassee)
Growing Home (chicago)
Growing Hope (Ypsilanti, MI)
Growing Power (Milwaukee)
Green City Growers (Somerville MA)
Harvest Moon Backyard Farmers (Minneapolis)
Backyard Farm Vermont
Engaged Community Offshoots (DC)
Local Harvest (nation-wide)
Hudson Valley Backyard Farm
Kitchen Gardeners (international)
Micro Farm Organic Gardens (Charlotte)
North Alabama Food Policy Council
Friends of Northeast Florida Community Gardens
Phoenix Gardens (Lawrenceville, GA)
Portland Fruit Tree Project
Project Food (Tallahassee/Ghana)
Real Food Challenge (nation-wide)
Red Edge Design (Anchorage, AK)
Rooftop Farms (Brooklyn)
Seattle Tilth
Seattle Urban Farm Company
Tallahassee Food Network
Tallahassee Food Policy Council
Tallahassee Sustainability Group (FSU Student Org)
Teens 4 Good (Philly)
The Food Project (Boston)
Urban Farming Guys (Kansas City)
True Food Network (nation-wide)
Urban Harvest (international)
Urban Harvest (Houston)
Urban Homestead (Pasadena)
Urban Nutrition Initiative (Philadelphia)
La Via Campesina (International)
A Backyard Farm (St. Paul)
Atlanta Community Food Bank
All Edibles (Oakland)
Ample Harvest (nation-wide)
Anathoth Community Garden (Cedar Grove, NC)
Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network
Back Door Harvest (St. Louis)
Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference (nation-wide)
Blueridge Backyard Harvest (Charlottesville, VA)
Bountiful Backyards (Durham)
Food From the Hood (LA)
Windy City Harvest (Chicago)
City Slicker Farms (Oakland)
American Community Gardening Association
Concrete Jungle (Atlanta)
Chicago Parks Community Garden Program
Earthworks Urban Farm (Detroit)
Deep Roots Permaculture (Yukon)
Detroit Urban Ag Network
Eden on Earth Landscaping (Flagstaff/ Sedona, AZ)
Food For the Cities (International)
Farmscape (LA area)
Food & Water Watch
Food First (national/international)
Community Food Security Coalition (nation-wide)
Foothills Connect (Rutherfordton, NC)
G-BIACK (Kenya)
Gebsite (Atlanta)
GRuB (Olympia)
Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Garden Project
Greening of Detroit
Ecology Action (Willets, CA)
Grow to Learn (NYC)
Guerrilla Gardening (London)
Hartford Food System
Heifer Project (international)
Homeless Garden Project (Santa Cruz)
Intervale Center (Burlinton, VT)
Just Food (NYC)
Jones Valley Urban Farm (Birmingham)
The Land Institute (Kansas)
Manna Food Pantries (Pensacola)
Metro Ag Alliance (North America)
Mission Clarksville (Tennessee)
Mo’ Better Food (Oakland)
Brazilian Landless Farmers Movement
Student Organic Farm (Michigan State)
My Backyard Farmer (San Francisco)
Nashville Foodscapes
New Orleans Food and Farm Network
Nuestras Raices (Holyoke, MA)
Oakland Food Policy Council
On Borrowed Ground (Edmonton, Alberta)
Atlanta Park Pride Community Garden Program
Peoples’ Grocery (Oakland)
Planting Justice (Oakland)
P-Patch Community Garden Program (Seattle)
Portland (Parks and Rec) Community Garden Program
Portland Community Garden Program
Prairie Ecosystem Management (Kansas City)
Rad Urban Farmers (Lexington, MA)
Richmond Grows Gardens
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (nation-wide)
Rodale Institute
RUAF (international)
Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network
Sankofa Vision (Shreveport, LA)
Seattle’s P-Patch Community Garden Program
Slow Food (International)
SoGreen Network (SE US)
South Central Farmers (LA)
Southern Sustainable Ag Working Group
Sustainable Food Center (Austin)
Sustenance Design (Atlanta)
Tallahassee (City) Community Gardening Program
The Urban Farmers (San Francisco)
Truly Living Well (Atlanta)
Urban Farms Memphis
Urban Tilth (W. Contra Costa Co, CA)
US Food Sovereignty Alliance
Your Backyard Farmer (Portland)
Youth Food Bill of Rights (nation-wide)
Patchwork City Farms (Atlanta)
Roots Memphis
Growing Food and Justice for all Initiative (national/international)

Antioch College, Seattle
Bastyr University, Seattle,
Cornell University, NY
Evergreen State College WA
Fairhaven College, Bellingham, WA
Gaia University
Humboldt University, California
Naropa University
Oregon State University, Corvallis
Pacific University, Portland, OR
Prescott College, AZ
Slippery Rock University, PA
South Seattle Community College
Sterling College
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of North Carolina
University of Vermont